Petrochemical Plant

Location: USA, Sector: Energy

The rupture of a pipeline and subsequent release of hydrocarbons triggered a fire causing extensive damage to piping and surrounding vessels. CCi established an on-going monitoring regime and produced schedules exploring various scenarios to challenge the overall interruption period in accordance with policy provisions. The claim ultimately settled at arbitration in New York, where CCi’s founder, Alan Purbrick, provided expert testimony.


Location: UK, Sector: Offshore

CCi conducted a thorough timeline analysis of events surrounding catastrophic storm damage, during which four of the FPSO’s anchor chains snapped and the vessel drifted 180m off station. Through review of the project’s data and contemporaneous records, CCi assessed the extent to which the hull related maintenance works extended the incident related subsea repair works.

Aluminium Smelting Plant

Location: Middle East, Sector: Manufacturing

Following force majeure events the Aluminium production facility suffered a total ‘freeze’ of all operating liquid aluminium pots. At the time of the incident, the insured were undertaking a process of ramping up the newly constructed facilities. CCi’s role included preparation of a “but for” assessment of the timeline related factors that would have interrupted the normal progress of the ramp-up process had the incident not occurred.

370MW Coal Fired Power Station

Location: Latin America, Sector: Construction

Following an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter Scale, the project suffered major damage across the entirety of the facility. The project had already suffered delay prior to the earthquake and was still being constructed at the date of loss. CCi’s analysis focused on the status of the pre-incident delays and the reasonableness of the duration for the repair works, ultimately establishing when the project was likely to have completed, had the incident not occurred.

Hydroelectric Power Station

Location: Latin America, Sector: Construction

CCi was appointed as timeline experts on this DSU loss, where storm events disrupted civil & tunnelling works at a HEP plant in Chile. CCi liaised with site personnel, extracted all project files as necessary and provided expert analysis to assess & establish the extent to which non-incident related works impacted the recovery project’s critical path.

Desalination Plant

Location: Asia Pacific, Sector: Construction

Seven independent delay events were claimed to have impacted the critical path during the project to increase the desalination facilities’ annual output from 50 billion litres to 100 billion litres annually. Absent formal delay preparation from the insured, CCi critically analysed the insured’s project schedules and contemporaneous progress records to independently verify the actual impact of the seven delay events.

940MW Supercritical Coal-Fired Power Station

Location: USA, Sector: Energy

Following a catastrophic incident, the insured prepared a mitigation strategy based upon 10 air-freighted deliveries. CCi identified that the insured had relied upon the presence of float in the schedule to justify the strategy. By establishing a more accurate ‘unmitigated’ position, CCi prepared an alternative strategy, delivering the largest possible ‘economic’ time saving.

Gas Separation Plant

Location: Asia, Sector: Energy

Following an explosion within a Waste Heat Recovery Unit, CCi worked with the insured’s project team to prepare a number of mitigation scenarios for the purpose of assessing the most effective and economic solution for returning the plant to operation. CCi also worked collaboratively with the insured and appointed contractors to ensure that any maintenance and non-damage related works did not impact the rebuild project’s critical path.

1600MW Coal-Fired Power Station

Location: USA, Sector: Construction

CCi was appointed to analyse the project’s rebuild schedule and to conduct a ‘Health Check’, assessing the schedule’s suitability with regards to supporting the overall project management process and assisting with assessment of DSU entitlement. CCi established and agreed with the insured, the project’s Pre-Incident Position, identified non-incident related delays to the scheduled date for the commencement of commercial operations and verified resultant delays from the catastrophic damage to the ID fan.

1428MW Coal-Fired Power Station

Location: UK, Sector: Energy

Following a fire in the bunker house, CCi was appointed to work alongside the insured with regards to preparing a robust reinstatement schedule, regularly identifying economic opportunities to mitigate the interruption period. Ultimately CCi’s involvement saved 6 weeks from the critical path of the project and their collaborative approach allowed for the timeline element of the claim to be agreed between the parties within 72 hours of the plant returning to service.

Distribution Centre

Location: UK, Sector: Engineering

The project for the construction of a 20,000m2 distribution centre near Dartford, Kent. The claim arose due to an engineering defect in the piled foundations that led to the failure of the floor slab. CCi undertook a full analysis of the cost claim, including the preparation of an expert report for litigation purposes.


Location: UK, sector: Construction

The project comprised the construction of 4 new schools under a combined PFI package. An under floor slab heating system failed on all 4 schools, leading to extensive damage and delay. CCi reviewed the DSU claim and carried out the claim cost analysis, to determine the damage related and also time related costs.

HEP Station & Infrastructure

Location: Puerto Rico, sector: Power

The losses were caused by Hurricane Georges across 55 separate sites in Puerto Rico. The CCi cost analysis included assisting with detailing the scope of damage to various hydro-electric power stations, dams and service roads. Ultimately CCi analysed all storm damage costs and prepared a final account statement for the claim.

Paraffin Treatment Plant

Location: Spain, sector: Oil & Gas

The loss followed a fire at a paraffin treatment plant attached to an oil refinery in southern Spain. The Insured decided not to reinstate on a like-for-like basis and CCi carried out a full cost analysis taking this into account, along with a detailed review of all costs as presented.

2012 London Olympics

Location: UK, SECTOR: Construction

Obviously this was a project that could not finish late. CCi set up a detailed project monitoring regime, working closely with both the ODA and the contractors to ensure that in the event of any delay, agreed mitigation and acceleration measure could be implemented immediately.

North-South Bypass Tunnel, Brisbane

Location: Australia, sector: Engineering

The M7 Clem Jones Tunnel was a A$3.2bn motorway grade tunnel under the Brisbane River. It was Brisbane’s first privately financed inner city toll road. CCi worked in conjunction with the delivery consortium (in which the main contractor had an interest) to provide detailed project monitoring.

Denver Light Railway

Location: USA, sector: Infrastructure

This project entailed the construction of 3 separate links into the existing rail network supporting Denver and its environs. The monitoring regime had to take into account the interface between the 3 new lines and the existing railway network, which was kept running at all times.

Constancia Copper Mine

Location: Peru, sector: Mining

The project was for the construction of a 13,000ha copper property, comprising a self-contained mine, maintenance facilities and fully serviced accommodation camp. CCi undertook a full project monitoring role on the project, recording a successful completion on time.

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