Forensic Timeline Analysis

Timeline forensics remains the core of our consultancy services, providing clarity on the status of delay, critical path and the claims analysis process.

At CCi we don’t just understand how the claims analysis process works, we fully understand how this integrates into the insurance process and the key differences that make insurance losses unique.

This service is utilised even before a claim is formalised to Insurers and can assist with the management of all parties’ expectations.

Key components of the service are:-

  • analysis of BI and DSU claims
  • reconstructing an accurate picture of events
  • review of mitigation and acceleration
  • expert analysis of complex scheduling data
  • analysis of construction delay and EOT’s
  • identification of concurrency and critical paths
  • comprehensive use of planning software
  • provision of clear, concise, independent reporting

The ability to respond and carry out the correct analysis in the event of a time-related loss or delay claim provides valuable support to the claims handling team.

Above all, the correct analysis of what are very often complex and inter-related issues during reinstatement, allows the correct decisions to be made and fact-based conclusions to be arrived at.

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