Claims Cost Analysis and Management

Cost analysis and management go hand-in-hand with timeline services. By utilising skilled professionals, it is possible to review and analyse costs as they are put forward, to assist in determining how relevant and reasonable they are.

The services offered by CCi can be summarised as follows:-

Claims Cost Analysis

Our cost analysis service provides a comprehensive review of the claim cost documents, such as contract documents, presented invoices, dayworks, etc., to accurately establish the correct level of reinstatement costs. This will not only include actual costs of repair, but will also take account of indemnifiable acceleration, disruption and time-related costs.

Cost Management

Cost Management is targeted at working with the Insured and the adjustment team from the very beginning of a loss, in order to limit areas of contention later in the claims process.

This service incorporates:-

  • Assistance with repair scope definition
  • Advice on the best cost approach to the repair works
  • Review of the tender and procurement process
  • An on-site presence to monitor the repair works
  • Cost validation for progress payments
  • Assistance in controlling non-loss related costs
  • Highlighting potential overruns

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