Tracking the status of delay and critical path development

CCi provides the global insurance market independent assessments of time & cost on insurance-related claims


Robust analysis at all stages of the claims handling process


Cost analysis and management go hand-in hand with timeline services


Cost efficient time and risk monitoring


Timeline forensics provides the core of our consultancy services,  providing clarity on the status of delay, critical path & claims analysis. CCi undertakes analyses on projects across all industry sectors worldwide.

CCi monitors and advises on the development of recovery planning to reduce the risk of extended delay or business downtime.
CCi can augment this with specialist engineering support as required.

Cost analysis and management go hand-in-hand with timeline services.
By utilising skilled professionals, it is possible to review and analyse costs as they arise or carry out a full claimed cost analysis.

CCi has developed cost effective Project Monitoring as a response to the Insurance Industry’s need for robust and detailed progress verification of new build projects, especially those carrying DSU insurance.

Capital Consulting International is a specialist project management and claims consultancy providing a range of engineering and construction services to the international insurance and reinsurance markets.

We are leaders in the area of timeline delay analysis, project monitoring, cost and engineering support.

Our in-depth knowledge of engineering, construction and insurance, underpinned by hands-on experience across many high profile, high-risk projects, is unparalleled in the global insurance market, as is our ability to work across all business sectors.

In the event of a time related claim, detailed timeline and critical path analysis is needed to unlock true cause and effect and to objectively separate out the various causes of delay. Our cost assessment and engineering services complement this analysis.

Ultimately our services provide key parties with the ability to exercise direct control over the claim process.

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